You just sent
your repair inquiry

What's going to happen next?
1. Contact

Within one working day after your request, a service agent will contact you to draw up a plan of action based on the information you provided. You will also receive a ticket number that you can use for any communications during the repair process.

2. Online diagnosis

If the issue cannot be corrected during this first communication, a diagnosis will be made using the syslog file or (preferably) by logging on to your device in a teamviewer session (FAQ teamviewer).

If a remote solution is not possible, your device will probably have to be transported  to one of our repair and maintenance centers for further servicing.

3. Prepare for Service

After shutdown and packing you are free to arrange the transport of the unit to our repair service yourself. We strongly recommend that you use the Thermo Scientific Phenom transport cases that we provide for this purpose.

4. Transport Options

Since the transport is country-specific, a service employee will discuss the various options and determine the optimal route for you.


Many of our customers take advantage of a repair in our workshops to also have preventive maintenance carried out (with optional source replacement).

5. Status report

Before starting the repair, we make an “as found status report” of your equipment. Next you will receive a repair quote based on our diagnosis. After your approval of the quote we start repairing the instrument.

6. Repair

During the repair in our workshop, we will inform you regularly about our proceedings. Depending on the availability of parts, we aim to have every device ready for a final check and subsequent shipment within 10 working days of receiving it.

7. Instrument return

The return shipment is part of the shipping agreement, which is country-specific and is agreed with you at the start of the repair process.