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What's going to happen next?

1. Maintenance at the Service Lab

For a maintenance at the Service Lab your equipment is send to us and then is serviced, cleaned and calibrated according to the suppliers specifications. What exactly is performed during a Maintenance contract at the Service Lab (types of maintenance contracts).

1. Transport Options

Since the transport is country-specific, a service employee will discuss the various options and determine the optimal route for you.

2. Prepare for Service

You are free to arrange the transport to our Service Lab yourself, but we strongly recommend that you use the Thermo Scientific Phenom transport cases that we provide for this purpose (link FAQ transport cases). Therefore see also our FAQs shutdown and packing.

3. Status Report and Approval

If, during the execution of the maintenance it becomes clear that extra parts need to be replaced in order to guarantee the correct operation of your equipment, we will need your approval before replacing them.

4. Support

After the maintenance you receive a “performance report” with the necessary data-images or EDX calibration spectra that prove the correct operation of your device. And of course we will keep you informed when the instrument is ready for pick-up.

2. Online performance and specification check

During an “Online performance and specification check”, a remote diagnosis is performed on your device. This diagnosis is performed via an online connection and a teamviewer session (FAQ teamviewer), which requires an internet connection on the device. During the session, the user needs to be present to load one or more samples (depending on whether or not an EDS element analysis option is present) into the device.


What exactly is performed during an Online performance and specification check types of maintenance contracts.


After the verification you will receive a “performance report after performance and specification check” with the necessary data, images or EDX calibration spectra and possible recommendations to optimise the operation. Adjustments that can be made online will also be carried out.