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SEM trainings: Service Lab offers a wide range of trainings

Our training courses are always designed as practical training on the Phenom desktop SEM and Axia electron microscopes. The trainings are modular and can be individually adapted to your needs. The local support team in your region will contact you.


Teaching of the physical basics of electron microscopy, how an electron microscope and its components and detectors work, as well as imaging and the basics of X-ray analysis. Including a basic training of sample preparation methods. This training does not require any knowledge of electron microscopy.

SEM Advanced

Deepening and expanding theoretical and practical knowledge for the imaging and interpretation of SEM images, EDX analysis and interpretation of EDX spectra.

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of electron microscopy.

Phenom Initial Training

After installation we offer a Phenom training for all users including the Phenom user interface, detectors, tips on sample preparation, imaging and EDS-analysis, application training and instrument administration. This training does not require any knowledge of electron microscopy.

Phenom Application Training

We offer specific training for: ParticleMetric, PoroMetric, FiberMetric, AsbestoMetric, ParticleX configurations.

Phenom Automation

Your Phenom can be automated for regular analysis tasks using the PPI (Phenom Programming Interface). From sample management to the final report and statistics.